Into The Valley

by juandiwa

I, for such a long time, have been on the mountaintops

admiring the Heavens and feeling the cool breeze.

Standing in between the high and low with my arms wide open

and everything and nothing on my mind, time seems to freeze.

Is this magic or just pure majesty?

Nothing down below can measure

I can shout all of my love and all of my desires

to bring forth what ever. Yes, what ever not “whatever.”

As I clench my fist and just kneel down

my consciousness feels more alive when I reach the ground.

I stoop below to see,

and listen closely.

I can’t stay here for long.

The Greatness of what I have witnessed, I must tell!

To keep it to myself just feels wrong. Oh so wrong.

but where shall I start?               where shall I be?

I see now.

well then.

Into the valley.