A Brave Through The Woods of Poetry

by juandiwa

Incandescent, and tranquil

The room,           and the bed

His faculties            awakening

From the dreamscape in his head

Yet arising from his state

Lay a mirror right beside

Four corners with no frame

Stood upright with nothing behind

Reflecting him as he is

Peculiarity was not impaired

for it slowly revealed a message

And he could not help but stare

All is here and nothing there!

In me, nothing will compare!

I am astute and splendid

And to you,              I will share!


A sudden haul towards the mirror

Hurling into the glass,

Now seeing brilliance all around

Infinite speed as they pass

Trees and grass are now present

Clear blue sky in the Heavens

While Fresh Air was breathed in

Sheer Beauty in all its essence

Traversing through the woods

He was drawn to its Mystery

with the Music of Nature

and all its elegies.

Peacefulness and solitude

Transcending his whole being

As he laid on the ground

Reflecting on this feeling

“I am in Poetry, I am in Poetry

Preponderance of Sublimity

The Flailing demand of eloquence

and encapsulating Unity”

Enthroned by the Ideals

of Sanctity in this Art,

His body grew numb

His soul began to depart

No other way out he thought

So he closed his eyes instead

From there he knew he was safe

for he was right back in his bed.