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The Mirage of Doubts and Fears

This illusion,

no matter how elusive and conclusive

strays away from its allusion.

Playful in nature

Paradoxical in behavior

And yet, all disappear

upon the Enlightenment in the darkness

of our fears.


The Escape of Pedro

Pedro, so young and so frail

Run as fast as you can and make haste!

Sprint far without anymore of the flail

For it is Life and Death in this race!

Blood cries from your village, as the Spaniards pillage

Your abode and serene space


Neither witches nor demons can pacify

In the Night enveloping the Sky.

And the Forest’s darkness and secrets

Shall part and unveil to pass by,

Speak softly young man, cross swiftly this land

And you shall succeed to get by!


Ignore your fear and hunger

Despite your journey for weeks

You must lessen your slumber

For your spirit will grow weak!

Endure the pain, pass through each plane

With your strength that is so meek


A flash of Light and Life ahead,

A Diwata or a Demon instead?

Its luminous hand stretches forth

To sway or help the unfed?

What manifestation is this illumination?

Of Sanctity?  Or a damned being from the dead?


It spoke with majesty and authority

Pedro, so young and so frail!

Cower not, for you are safe

I hand you this Agimat, so you cannot fail

Take hold with courage and this long pilgrimage

Shall end with a smile on your face


Silence! Silence! Silence!

Take caution for a Spaniard is near!

Scurry behind the tree,

Yet the Spaniard saw his rear!

Heart beating frantically, and losing his sanity

Again, he was struck with fear!

The Slave, The Slave, the Slave!

For your actions, you can’t be saved!

The dog that you are and your refusal

Shall bring you to the grave

And the rest of your kind, for the rest of their lives

their fates are to serve Spain!


A smash to the temple, tripping and staggering

Down the Spaniard goes

Dropping his spear, lain down to the ground

And cannot resist Pedro’s choke

More choking, more choking, the eyes fading

Only to stop, when the windpipe broke…


Pedro, so young and so frail

Gained might despite his state

“The Agimat has granted me Strength”

But there did not seem to have weight

his pockets were empty, no sign of the Entity

but just Pedro, alone, in his Fate.